IT Staffing

Do You Know Where to Find the Right Match for Your Role?

Rely on the depth and quality of Brandywine Technology’s extensive network to secure highly skilled talent for your technical staffing needs.

As technology professionals ourselves, we understand the competencies that individuals must possess in order to perform optimally in an array of IT roles – and we know the value that a well-matched technical candidate can bring to your business.

We’ll Help You Secure the Right IT Talent

Through our relationships with some of the best technology professionals in the region, we have developed a robust, diversely-skilled candidate network from which to find talent that best meets your applications, helpdesk, infrastructure, project management and other IT needs. With the ability to place individuals on a short-term, long-term, or permanent basis, Brandywine Technology’s staffing solutions can be custom-fit to ideally augment your internal resources.

If you need IT talent, but lack the resources or technical expertise to identify the most appropriately skilled candidates, we can provide the efficiencies of our proven recruiting processes, experienced knowledge and extensive relationships.

Our Commitment to Our Candidates Ensures Successful Placements

Technical job seekers can find exciting IT opportunities that match both their skills and career goals with the help of Brandywine Technology. Through the relationships we have built with respected employers throughout the Delaware Valley, we are able to offer our candidates access to often unadvertised positions with impressive companies, and the advantage of our representation as those businesses’ proven staffing partner.

Committed to placing individuals in environments that best fit their needs and talents, we never push candidates toward positions that are not aligned with their capabilities or work objectives. Instead, we work hard to help them find the right next step for their career, and create a winning situation for both the candidate and the company.