Virtual Bench

Brandywine Technology has a group of diverse, highly-skilled, tried-and-true resources to help with your short-term technology needs. We call this group our Virtual Bench. They are at the ready, fully vetted and available to assist.

Brandywine Technology Virtual Bench

No matter the type of business you’re in, it seems the IT department is always stretched thin. With unpredictability in the types of technical issues that will arise each day, it can be both frustrating and costly to have your organization stress without having the right technical resources in place. Utilizing our Virtual Bench alleviates the need to wait to go through the qualifying process of a contractor or hire a full-time person when their future is uncertain.

Lean on our Virtual Bench when:

Specialized areas of expertise are needed (security, database, architecture, application development, project management)

Coverage for vacation schedules or long-term illnesses arise

Short-term projects that the existing IT team would like to outsource

Whether is a few days or a few months, our Virtual Bench can supplement every need.

Help Desk / Deskside Support
IT Security Professionals
Application Developers
Cloud Architects
Network and Systems Engineers
Database Administration

The Brandywine Difference

Brandywine Technology makes your business performance our priority. We are deeply
committed to your success by providing you with outstanding technical staffing services.
We operate on-site and in person, to make sure your job gets done by the right person, on time – every time.

We take it personally.