Employer of Record

Brandywine Technology’s Employer of Record services give you the ability to acquire, accommodate, assimilate and accelerate new team members quickly.

What happens when you have identified the candidate that you want to hire, but your HR or finance department is not ready to approve the additional headcount? Or you have an independent technical consultant that is ready to begin a project, and you discover that they do not carry adequate insurance? The answer is always the same – you still need to get the resource in place.

Our Employer of Record services were created to address these common staffing dilemmas. By quickly handling all the financial, legal and administrative issues needed to onboard a consultant, we enable you to hire the professionals you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them.

As the Employer of Record, Brandywine Technology handles:

Immediate reconciliation of documents and contracts required to hire

Payrolling service with convenient direct deposit and bi-weekly paycheck

Payroll taxes and withholdings

Commercial Professional Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance

We offer health, dental, LTD and 401(k) benefits

The Brandywine Difference

Brandywine Technology makes your business performance our priority. We are deeply
committed to your success by providing you with outstanding technical staffing services.
We operate on-site and in person, to make sure your job gets done by the right person, on time – every time.

We take it personally.