Permanent Placement

If you’re looking for highly skilled and qualified IT professionals to join your team on a permanent basis, let Brandywine Technology source the right talent for the job.

Through face-to-face interviews with a potential candidate, we get the best read not only on the person’s true technical capabilities, but also on their overall work objectives. We firmly believe that the only way for a candidate to be successful, and to make the greatest impact on the success of your organization, is for both their skills and their long-term career goals to be properly aligned with your goals as a business.

Our unique process will save time and reduce your costs. We can handle everything from interviews and reference checks to offers and acceptances. Our team makes the transition from candidate to hire as seamless as possible for both the employee and your company.

The Brandywine Difference

Brandywine Technology makes your business performance our priority. We are deeply
committed to your success by providing you with outstanding technical staffing services.
We operate on-site and in person, to make sure your job gets done by the right person, on time – every time.

We take it personally.