Employee Spotlight: Walter Stepanski

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In this installment of our Employee Spotlight, we are hearing from Walter Stepanski, one of our network technicians who happens to work in a place that many head to for vacation.  Let’s hear what he had to say.

Q: Hi, Walt!  Thanks for spending a few minutes with us.  Can you share how you first learned of Brandywine Technology?

A:  Actually, Brandywine found my resume on one of the online sites and contacted me. I was just using the various sites to apply for jobs that appeared to fit what I was looking for.

Q:  What are you doing now?

Walter Stepanski, Network Technician

A:  I work as a network technician for the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

Q:  What does your typical day look like?

A:  I usually start the day by checking for new trouble tickets that were submitted overnight. After that, I check our monitoring systems for anything that appears like it might be an issue. Following that, I take a quick look at the WIFI system to see if any access points have gone down. Once I finish with this, I will get started on any of the various projects I may be involved in. It’s a pretty full and interesting day.

After I get home in the evening, I have dinner and spend a little time with my family before retiring to the living room to work on my current college courses for a few hours.

Q:  Sounds like a full, and fulfilling, day! What were you doing prior to joining Brandywine Technology?

A:  Prior to starting with Brandywine, I was taking contract jobs as I could find them. I was doing things like deploying Windows 10 upgrades and computer swaps and some short term projects in the microwave industry for my prior company.

Q:  What’s next for you? 

A:  Well, I hope to be at the Hard Rock for a while, I really enjoy it there. I plan on finishing my Computer Networking degree and am looking at continuing at a four-year college, with a goal of eventually moving to cyber security.

Q:  That sounds like a great plan. Cyber security is certainly one of the hottest fields in technology today. Do you have any advice for anyone that may be considering a career in IT?

A:  Absolutely! Spend some time learning the basics of IT. Decide what area you want to be in and get certifications in that field. Certifications are a big plus, sometimes meaning more than the college degree. Having both is very attractive to potential employers.

Great advice, Walt! Thanks for sharing your experience with Brandywine Technology and our customer, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. To learn more about Brandywine Technology, visit us at or call 302.656.6100. We’d love to help your organization find the right talent, too!