Customer Spotlight: AB&C

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No, we didn’t forget the name of our customer for this spotlight… AB&C actually refers to Aloysius, Butler & Clark (see why “AB&C” is easier?), one of the largest full-service marketing agencies in the mid-Atlantic, and among Adweek’s 50 “Top Shops” in America. It’s no surprise that a marketing company is crawling with creative types and polished executives. At the heart of it all lies a small team of highly skilled and motivated technical people ensuring the systems, software, and hardware all perform in such a manner that the business and creative professionals on the front line forget they are even there.  Such is the goal of the IT department for any company or organization, regardless of size or industry.

“AB&C is quite well-known in our region, so we were excited when they contacted us for help filling a critical IT role,” says Greg Plum, Brandywine Technology’s director of marketing. Chris Marts, AB&C’s head of IT spends half of the year in his hometown of Dresden, Germany, with his wife and young children, and the other half in Delaware at AB&C’s corporate headquarters. “My first few meetings with Chris, and even the candidate interviews were all performed over video conference,” continues Greg.  This underscores the importance of technology within the company AND the need to find the right person to fill the technical opening, since that person would serve as a primary resource when Chris is working from his overseas office.

AB&C Headquarters – Wilmington, DE

Speaking of offices… AB&C calls a former funeral home their home! While they have occupied the building since 1998, signs of the building’s interesting past are scattered throughout, including a few coffins and various tools of the funeral trade in the bowels of the building. When walking thru the hallways of this unique and eclectic environment, you can see why these folks are known for cranking out some of the most creative work in our region.

According to Chris, “AB&C has withstood the test of time with a combination of great leadership and great people. And because technology is so important to our business and the work we create for our clients, it has to be as cutting-edge and as frustration-free as possible. We make that happen, like everything else, with great people, and wading through a fire hose of resumes doesn’t get us there. Greg and his team took the time to understand the business and the role and found us the perfect fit. We’ll turn to them for the next technology hire without hesitation and, in the meantime, if you’d like to work in a funeral home with top-notch talent and tech, we’re hiring in other departments at!”

Brandywine Technology is proud to provide the technical team at AB&C with qualified technical resources to accomplish their business goals. To learn how we can help you with your technical staffing needs, visit, or contact us on 302.656.6100.