Employee Spotlight: Alex Korjeski

In this installment of the Brandywine Technology Employee Spotlight, we caught up with Alex Korjeski, who is currently on assignment with Comcast.

Brandywine Technology Employee Alex KorjeskiQ: Thanks for joining us today, Alex. Can you tell me a little about your current job?

A: I am currently with Comcast, building service offerings for business and residential customers. I’ve been here since July 2017.

Q: What were you doing prior to this position?

A: I was actually a full-time student at Temple. I graduated in May, with a degree in Management Information Systems.

Q: So, it looks like you landed at Comcast pretty quickly following graduation. Congratulations! How did that come about?

A: Derek Kilby of Brandywine reached out with the opportunity to interview for this position. Following an initial call, we met via video, which allowed us to get to know each other a little better than just a phone call. Within about two weeks, Comcast interviewed me and extended an offer. Shortly after, I was on-boarded as a Brandywine Technology employee. The whole process was smooth and quick.

Q: For someone not familiar with Brandywine Technology, what involvement did they have in the whole process?

A: Since this was my first full-time job, I had a lot of uncertainly of what to expect. I had a lot of questions… Brandywine answered all of my questions, taking the stress off of me during the transition. Other contractors that I work with had more difficulty in the beginning getting on-boarded at Comcast. With Brandywine Technology, Comcast was ready for me. I was productive from day one, which was not the case with several of my colleagues. Plus, Brandywine was very good at finding a role appropriate to my personality and skill set.

Q: Were there any surprises for you as you embarked on your first full-time role?

A: As an MIS major, I thought I had a solid understanding of the databases. I quickly learned that what I learned as an undergraduate was a fraction of what is needed to perform a database job in the industry! I have loved the challenge as it has helped me grow, in both my technical ability, as well as my professional interaction.

Q: What is it like working for Comcast as an Employee of Brandywine Technology?

A: Brandywine keeps me in the loop. I feel very connected with them, as well as my team at Comcast. I love being a part of two great social cultures.

Alex, thanks for sharing your experiences with Brandywine Technology and Comcast! For more information on Brandywine Technology, email [email protected] or call 302.656.6100.