Employee Spotlight: David Lynch

In this installment of the Brandywine Technology Employee Spotlight, we caught up with David Lynch, who is currently on assignment with the Colonial School District.

Q:  David, thanks for joining me today.  What are you doing these days?Brandywine Technology Employee David Lynch

A:  I am currently working for Colonial School District as a field technician through Brandywine Technology.  In my current role, I love that I am always on the move, being able to use my problem-solving skills on a variety of issues.

Q:  Sounds like you enjoy the role!  I know you are a graduate of the IT Works program.  What were you doing before IT Works?

A:  For a years, I was working in retail sales.  The jobs were fine, but I always had an interest in IT.

Q:  How has your experience been working with Brandywine Technology, following completion of the IT Works program?

A:  While working for Brandywine Technology, I have loved the employer/employee communication dynamic; I have never felt forgotten or ignored.  Even though I am working on-sight at the school, I very much feel a part of the Brandywine team, as well.

Q:  Excellent!  What is next for you?

A:  As I continue to pursue new opportunities within my field, I would like to explore possibilities for a career specifically in security.  I enjoy work that has a heavy focus on problem-solving and requires an analytical approach to seeking the solution.

Q:  Since you have had some success with a career change, can you offer any advice to someone considering such a change?

A:  Don’t give up. Things have a way of working out for those who persevere!

Simple, yet inspiring words, David!  Thanks for sharing your experiences with Brandywine Technology and Colonial School District!  For more information on Brandywine Technology, email [email protected] or call 302.656.6100.