Employee Spotlight: David Turner

In our next installment of the Brandywine Technology employee spotlight, we spoke with David Turner, who has been quite busy on various assignments.

Hi, Dave! Thanks for joining me to share your experience with your latest career endeavors.

Brandywine Technology employee David Turner
Brandywine Technology’s David Turner

Q: What are you doing now?

A: Currently, I’m with the City of Wilmington, assisting in the IT application support group. Every day is different and rewarding, while working with a great technical team. Some of my daily function can include coding, system analysis, problem solving, producing technical documents or meeting with City of Wilmington business members.

Q: That does sound rewarding. What were you doing prior?

A: Prior to the City of Wilmington, I was employed in the Washington DC/ Northern Virginia market. My clients consisted of telecom, federal agencies, defense contractors and labor organizations. Various opportunities allowed me to develop skills such as systems engineering, systems analysis, applications analysis and various programming languages. Working with various projects never left me bored.

Q: So, it certainly sounds as though you are staying quite busy. Have you given any thought to your next steps? 

A: Continue to learn and develop new skills.  I’m totally intrigued with the new emerging technologies.  The world of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning will one day change the world that we know.  One day, I would love to work will young children and help them develop IT skills.  If children can use phones and play computer games, they can learn the technologies behind those things they love. 

Q: You’re right about that! The great news is that there are several programs today that introduce kids as early as elementary school to coding and other technical experiences. Do you have any advice for anyone that may be considering a career in IT?

A: If you have an interest in IT, you have chosen a great career. Lucky for you, the Internet is filled with valuable information, offering an excellent resource. IT is vast and requires individuals with countless skills. There’s something for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re technical, enjoy writing or enjoy working with people, the world of IT can offer you a rewarding life-long career.  If you want, IT can even offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and reinvent yourself.

Excellent insight, Dave! Thanks, again, for taking some time to share your experiences as a Brandywine Technology employee. We are excited to help you feed your passion for technology!

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