Employee Spotlight: Mike Devenny

As part of our continuing series on highlighting part of what makes Brandywine Technology special, our people, we caught up with Mike Devenny. Mike is currently on a long-term assignment with Comcast and he was happy to share his background and what he has been up to lately.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your current assignment through Brandywine Technology?

A: I am currently working onsite at Comcast in Philadelphia. I have been here for 8 years, and really enjoy my role within the company and the team that I work with.

Brandywine Technology Employee Mike DevennyQ: Let’s go back a few years… how did you originally learn of Brandywine Technology?

A: It’s funny, actually. I did not know them at all, but I did know Comcast. Comcast selected Brandywine Technology as the staffing agency to assist with getting me placed.

Q: What was the initial engagement with Brandywine Technology like?

A: The entire process of getting on-boarded was fast and professional. They made it easy to get started. And, to this day, they make things easy… if I need something, I just call them. They are always there for me, making me feel more like family than an employee.

Q: It sounds like your experience with Brandywine Technology has been quite positive. Can you tell me about your position at Comcast?

A: Frankly, it’s NUTS, and I love it! I am involved in the creation of bundled offers, putting them into production, and then resolving issues, should they occur. I love the people and the fast-paced environment keeps me young.

Q: Is there an advantage of being an employee of Brandywine Technology, rather than working directly for Comcast?

A: While I love my current assignment, I have the flexibiity to request another project or another company altogether. Brandywine Technology is very flexible with me and they pay well and offer great benefits!

Q: Any advice you would give to people looking for their next professional challenge?

A: Definitely give Brandywine Technology a call and get the ball rolling. Once you sign up, they are aggressive with finding the right fit for you. They will make you feel welcome, right out of the gate.

Thanks, Mike, for sharing your experience. To learn more about Brandywine Technology, drop us a line at 302-656-6100 or email us at [email protected].