IT Salaries: Top Dollar for Top Talent

Do you know how much it costs to hire an IT professional? It may be more than you think. Today’s IT job market—with an unemployment rate of just 3%—is candidate-driven. That means you must pay top dollar to get top talent. If you’re looking to hire IT talent, here’s what you should know.

Know what to offer. Talented, hard working IT pros already have jobs and command high salaries, so you need to entice them with irresistible incentives. Offer higher pay, telecommuting options, and procedural flexibility to get top candidates on board.

Know today’s salaries. Project managers, web developers, database developers, and business analysts are hot. Junior database developers earn $80K to $100K. With more than five years of experience, that figure jumps to the $110K range. Project managers earn $100K+. Business analysts command between $60K and $100K. Newly graduated web developers earn between $50K and $60K, while web architects developing specialized software earn up to $150K.

Know what you need. What you want isn’t necessarily what you need. If you’re hoping for an IT specialist with 10 years of leadership experience, candidates will expect a high-level title. If you’re not prepared to offer that, determine which skills are non-negotiable for you—and expect to compromise on others.

Know the right timing. When you’re wooing top-tier IT professionals, remember that other companies are also vying for their attention. Don’t let days pass between the interview and the offer; the candidates you want will land elsewhere. You’re in a race to give candidates the best offer with the quickest turnaround.

By Derek Kilby, Brandywine Technology

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