ITWorks Alumni Hit Wilmington

By February 14, 2018No Comments

On January 25, Tech Impact hosted the ITWorks Delaware Impact Hour at DCAD’s Tatiana Copeland Center. During the event, Grace Harpole of Tech Impact introduced eight alumni of ITWorks who have been named to serve as representatives, recruiters, liaisons and spokespeople for the ITWorks program.

James Collins, CIO for the State of Delaware and ITWorks mentor, speaking at ITWorks Delaware Impact HourBrandywine Technology was on hand to meet some of the program graduates that they help place in permanent assignments, as part of the partnership recently featured on WDEL radio. The audience was entertained by James Collins, CIO for the State of Delaware and ITWorks mentor. He spoke of the program with great pride and warned more mainstream education programs to be on high alert, as programs like ITWorks are changing the paradigm. Collins shared, “I was talking to some folks who are in higher education and I was telling them that if they don’t pay attention to the trends that are happening, they are going to get Uber’d. And I think they are going to get Uber’d by programs like ITWorks. This program is on the cutting-edge of what education is going to look like in the future.”

Brandwine Technology is proud to be a part of next generation of technology training, being spearheaded by organizations like Tech Impact.

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